Ashish AW14


Ok, so i'm guessing you guys have all kept up-to-date with what's going on in the fashion world and as you know, its recently been London fashion week. There were many top designers such as Christopher Kane and Mark Fast who made an outstanding show, but one designer particularly stood out to me and this happened to be Ashish.

From the moment I laid eyes on the first model walking down the runway, in a long fairy-tale like pink dress and tiara, I knew the show was going to be one to watch out for. Even Lily Allen who was seated in the front row, was going crazy and probably beating the papz at their job by taking tons of snaps.

It seems to amaze me how Ashish can make such beautiful and unique garments by using stacks of sequins and embellishments, yet it never looks cheap and tacky. The ripped denim boyfriend jeans and jackets he used was a fresh contrast against the girly sports Luxe theme he had going on and I think that with this collection, Ashish hit the nail right on the head when it came to trend forecasting. However leading towards the end of his collection, the colour scheme changed slightly. Pearl whites, striking silvers and bold blacks was all added in the mix up.

In past shows Ashish preferred to design garments which were shapeless and not in any way, structured. But for London Fashion Week he had chose to step outside of his comfort zone and try something new, In which I believe is the beginning of a new chapter for Ashish's well-earned career.

For me, what made the show was those unusual (very impressive) shoes. The LED light up platform sneakers. Need I say more? Yes..I will say more, because it only gets better. Worldwide high street store TOPSHOP have announced that this May, they will actually be adding these shoes onto their shelves including a range of other items including swimwear. So lets take a moment to thank the lord above for making me the happiest girl on the planet, and of course to Ashish for his inspirational Creativity.


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