Summer's almost here, so its time to ditch those lifeless bikinis and make room in your wardrobe for some REAL swimwear. The One piece.

 Whether your thin or on the larger side, the one piece is always complimenting to your figure, especially for body-conscious women. This year, tons of stores have been going wild with their swimwear lines, so there's no excuse not to grab yourself one.

My personal favourites would have to be Molly and Polly and Nasty Gal. They have both stepped out of the 'cliche swimsuit' zone, and into the fashion-forward world with their outrageously cool designs. Although some of the pieces may be a bank breaker, its most definitely worth it. Here are some of my recommendations; 


                                                               All available online at www.mollyandpollyswim.com.au


                                                                         all available online at www.nastygal.com

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